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July 1st, 2010

Ferran Adrià and His Widening Global Influence

In the small mountain town of Roses, in the Costa Brava region of Spain, adventurous foodies the world over
gather to indulge in the unique and unexpected creations served at the legendary El Bulli where, since 1983,
master chef Ferran Adrià, credited as the father of “molecular gastronomy” has been deconstructing ingredients
and inventing new techniques that explore contrasting temperatures, textures, and flavours to stretch the
boundaries of how we enjoy and experience food.


It may prove a difficult task for the average diner to experience El Bulli firsthand, but interested parties have
no fear! There are a number of Adrià-influenced chefs who have opened restaurants in major cities, bringing
their own flair and special techniques to this avant-garde style of cooking.

Below are three such chefs whose popular restaurants are featured on the DEsite:

Claudio Aprile Colborne Lane (Toronto, Canada)
Born in Uruguay and raised in Toronto, Claudio Aprile, chef and owner of Colborne Lane in Toronto, began
cooking at age 14. Singularly focused with a highly technical cooking style, Aprile, who spent time at El Bulli,
delivers fearless and inventive creations that explore ingredients to their fullest.


José AndrésThe Bazaar (Los Angeles, USA)
With several successful restaurants in Washington D.C., Spanish chef José Andrés opened The Bazaar
in Los Angeles to celebrate the classic flavours of Spain that are brought to life with modern tools and
innovative techniques. Early in his career, Andrés studied under Ferran Adrià at El Bulli.


Alvin LeungBo Innovation (Hong Kong, China)
With his rocker image and “Demon Chef” nickname, Bo Innovation chef and owner Alvin Leung likes to push
boundaries, in particular with his cooking. Offering a modern reinvention of classic Chinese dishes, Leung,
inspired by time spent at El Bulli as well, employs both science and artistry to create his celebrated cuisine.
(Read our interview with Alvin Leung here…)



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